Stress Management

Learn to cope

Stress can lead to a multitude of health problems. Dealing with stress can be made easier with our help.

Identifying the source of stress is the first step in learning how to manage it. Our therapists are experienced in dealing with individuals who often feel overwhelmed by the pressures of life. The first step to better health is better dealing with stress.

As part of our Silver level program, individuals learn to keep a stress journal. This helps to not only figure out the origins of one's stress but also illustrate the harm that their response is causing onto them and others around them. Once the problem is assessed, the next step is determining a course of action to better cope and avoid any negative ramifications.

Our Gold and Platinum levels are not only for those working in pressure-packed environments. Stay-at-home parents, students and part-time workers are just as susceptible to falling victim to stress. People handle stress differently thus each course of action needs to be customized to fit each case.

On top of short, 20 min consultations, we offer packages ranging from 3 1hr sessions to 24 1hr sessions. Depending our therapist's assessment, more sessions can be added at an hourly rate. Sessions are held over the internet via Skype and dates and times are flexible to accommodate your availibility.

For our U.S. clients, each state licensing board mandates providers be licensed

in the state in which you, the client, reside