Cognitive Behavior

Making a life long impact

Our goal is to help our clients implement changes that will help improve their lives not just in the short term but for the rest of their lives. Different packages for different needs but always great results.

Mood, substance abuse and anxiety can have a crippling effect on individuals and breed despair, affecting their relationships with loved ones and hold them back from career advancement. Our eLife coaches and online therapists seek the root of these problems in order to avoid the pitfalls plaguing long-time sufferers.

Our therapists delve into the relationships between your thoughts, feelings and behaviors to properly assess a course of action.

An effective treatment leads to you being able to handle your future experiences and minimize the likelihood of falling back into bad habits. Platinum Package treatments are ongoing until our therapist determines you to be fit to cope with day to day life and on a path to success.

Elife coaches help you understand the detriment mood, substance abuse and anxiety can be having on your life and paint a picture of what your future can look like.

For our U.S. clients, each state licensing board mandates providers be licensed

in the state in which you, the client, reside